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Comprehensive Dental Care for Patients of All Ages

Restore Dental first and foremost is a family dentistry practice. Located in Corsicana, Texas, the office is conveniently situated for patients from Ennis and nearby communities.

If you are seeking an experienced team of professionals to provide you and your family with quality dental care, you can trust us to meet your needs. We offer restorative dentistry treatments to aid individuals suffering from poor oral health and a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help our patients improve their smiles; however, we believe that preventive care should serve as the foundation of all dental treatment. Maintaining and providing for our patients` oral health is the most effective and proven way of safeguarding against decay and disease, and in many cases, makes additional treatment unnecessary. To schedule an appointment at Restore Dental, for yourself or your children, please contact our Corsicana office today.

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Cleanings and Check-ups

An at-home oral hygiene regimen is an effective way of maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. It is recommended, however, that you visit the dentist twice a year for checkups and professional teeth cleanings. Even with regular at-home care, plaque and tartar can build up on the teeth, especially in hard-to-reach places, and this tartar can only be removed with a professional cleaning. If left untreated, bacteria build-up can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Additionally, fluoride treatment can be completed during a professional cleaning; this treatment is especially beneficial for children, as it helps strengthen their enamel.

As part of routine check-ups, we also perform digital X-ray imaging using the ConeBeam CT scanner. This compact, safe device can complete a full scan in less than one minute and reduce radiation dosage by up to 100 times that of a traditional X-ray scan. The CT scan provides unparalleled images of the jaw bone and teeth, allowing us to diagnose any potential trouble areas.


Oral Cancer Screenings

During your bi-annual check-up and cleaning, we will examine the mouth for signs of oral cancer. Early detection is the key to defeating cancer, and we believe that it is extremely important to stay diligent. By utilizing a special dental light that draws attention to potentially cancerous tissue within the mouth, we can investigate areas of concern early, before they have an opportunity to manifest into a greater problem.


Root Canal Therapy

Infected pulp tissue (the tissue beneath the tooth composed of nerve endings) can cause abscesses to form, result in severe and constant pain, and endanger the affected tooth. With endodontic treatment, we can salvage the tooth, preventing the need for extraction. Root canal therapy, which contrary to popular belief is nearly pain-free thanks to the use of anesthetic, removes the infected pulp tissue from beneath the tooth. The procedure involves drilling a hole into the tooth, exposing the nerve tissue and pulp. This tissue is removed and the tooth is then sealed with dental cement.


Pediatric Dentistry

A lifetime of good oral health begins at childhood. We perform pediatric dentistry because we understand the importance of caring for the teeth at as early an age as possible. Through pediatric dentistry, we can treat dental complications before they become more severe and perform routine examinations to ensure that the teeth are developing properly. Neglecting the teeth at an early age can result in dental complications that are otherwise preventable. If your son or daughter is young, we encourage you to bring them to the dentist twice annually for check-ups and cleanings. As a family dentistry practice, we are committed to helping the Corsicana community, and pediatric dentistry is important to us.


Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from anxiety or fear at the thought of visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry can make your experience a pleasant one. Unfortunately, many people allow the health of their teeth and gums to deteriorate slowly over time because of their unwillingness to go to the dentist. We believe that nobody should forgo needed dental care, and for that reason, we offer sedation dentistry to patients who suffer dental phobia. We believe that anything that promotes regular examinations and cleanings is worthwhile, as your oral health is important.


Under Armour© Performance Mouth Guards

At our family dentistry practice in Corsicana, we work on a regular basis with children and adults who participate in sports and other physical activities. With Under Armour© performance mouth guards, you can protect your teeth and reduce the risk for injury to soft tissues during sporting activities. Affordable and durable, these mouth guards are a must-have for individuals seeking protection. Why would you wear pads and a helmet and then neglect to protect your teeth?

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